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Paleolimnology of lakes within the Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

August 05, 2017      Paleolimnology of lakes in Nova Scotia, Canada      Salutations to the T.E.A.M.


........ a 5-year (Nov. 2002-Nov. 2007), $600,000 NSERC Strategic Grant to researchers at Queen's and Trent Universities to study the development and application of water-quality assessment tools in Nova Scotia and Southern New Brunswick using paleoecological and modeling techniques; other in-kind contributions from a host of entities involved!

click for powerpoint presentation <--Click the icon for a PowerPoint presentation by the PEARL, Queen's University researchers on "Assessment of water quality using paleoecological indicators" (download the free PowerPoint Viewer 2003 from Microsoft if needed); or the PDF version 

Lakes within HRM in the T.E.A.M project

Halifax Eutrophication Lakes (6 lakes):

Brook Trout Lakes (12 lakes):

5 Bridges Lake, Bare Rock Lake, Bear Lake, Dollar Lake,  Horseshoe Lake,  Hubley Big Lake,  Moores Lake,  Philip Lake,  Scraggy Lake,  Shaw Big Lake,  Shubenacadie Grand Lake,  Southwest Lake

Water Quality Project (49 lakes):

Albro,  Little Albro,  Anderson,  Banook,  Bayers,  Bell,  Bissett,  First Chain,  Second Chain,  Charles,  Chocolate,  Colbart,  Cranberry,  First,  Fletcher,  Fraser,  Frenchman,  Frog Pond,  Grand,  Kinsac,  Lamont,  Long,  Loon,  Major,  Maynard,  McCabe,  Micmac,  Miller,  Oathill,  Parr,  Penhorn,  Powder Mill,  Powers Pond,  Rocky,  Sandy (Bedford),  Second,  Settle,  Sheldrake,  Soldier,  Spider,  Spruce Hill,  Susie,  Third,  Thomas,  Topsail,  Webber,  Whimsical,  William (Waverley), and  Williams (Jollymore)

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