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Narrative on Water Quality

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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The scientific modelling as well as chemical/biological limnology are part of the archives


Water quality

Our narrative on limnological science may not bear direct relationship to recreational human uses of lakes such as swimming, boating, snorkeling except perhaps in the extreme cases. It is mostly about cultural eutrophication (i.e., nutrient enrichment), and biodiversity as well as cumulative impacts of post-development stressors on freshwater biota (e.g., on key biological indicators, zoobenthos, phytobenthos, chironomid mentum deformities)

Lake Management Challenges based on paleoecological analyses

(with salutations to Prof. Dr. John Smol FRCS, a recipient of several national/international awards among which is the NSERC's Gerhard Herzberg Gold Medal in 2004. It is Canada's top scientist or engineer medal)

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