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Soils and Erosion

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

April 10, 2012      Select stressors/pollutants

Also see Typical pollutants in stormwater runoff; and Relationships with Man, Freshwater Benthic Ecology!


Guide for Textural Classification (USDA-SCS)


Classification of mineral substrates by particle size, according to the Wentworth Scale

(Allan, 1995)


Rate of settling in pure, still water- @temp=10C, sp. gravity of particles=2.65, shape of particles=spherical

(Welch, 1935)

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(pers. comm.) Burney, J.L. Professor of Biological Engineering, DalTech, Nova Scotia

"As a rule of thumb, a typical barren site in Halifax and Wolfville soils yields 40 tons/ha-yr of topsoil at 10% slope, which may be approximately equivalent to the capacity of 40 pickup trucks."

Estimated Average Erosion Rates- Louisiana forested areas

(USEPA, 1980 [Source: Alan H. Plummer Associates, 1979])


Factors involved in the magnitude of P transfer

(Haygarth, 1997)

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