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Google's searching of the RB Website
has become less desirable due to:

  1. Fewer RB pages now being examined.
  2. A pop-up box sometimes appears that overlies the search results.
  3. An increase in the number of sponsored links seen before RB links -- some of which are completely irrelevant.
  4. Some of the suggested RB links don't contain any of the desired search terms.
  5. Some suggested URLs are not even RB ones.
  6. Inappropriate/incorrect redirection with some browsers.
  7. Google (via Chrome/Chromium) flagging some links as `Insecure' even though this website uses no cookies, gathers no data from the user, nor requests any.

An Improvement
The DuckDuckGo search engine has been added
to accompany Google. See details below, or
move on to choose a Tips link and to
explore our various Search Aids.

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Regarding this Page's Changes

Browser Specifics:   DuckDuckGo accepts requests made with all mainstream browsers, while the Google field here will also work with older browsers and with text browsers that are http-capable only.

Differing Results:   Understand that Google will present fewer RB links, or sometimes none at all even though the pages exist. You can test this by placing search terms into each field in turn to see that the results will usually not be the same. Hence the necessity of two search fields. (To save time, once typed, copy & paste your search terms into the other search field.)

Peruse the URLs:   Whichever search box is used, please look at the path of each result to see that it's actually an RB link before choosing it.

Caveats:   Realise that you may still have to scroll past sponsored links, and/or that some RB links may not contain the desired term(s) which you had entered. To clean out many of the undesired results, you could place each term within double quotes and then repeat your search, but still, not all search engines will find these terms all of the time -- and it means extra time for you.

A perfect solution would be to use one search engine that
works as desired, but none seem to exist at this point.
Thus, more numerous and more reliable results can
be had by using both DuckDuckGo and Google.

A resolution to these issues is currently being
researched. The ambition is to further improve
the results when searching the RB website.

Go now to the RB Search Fields or scroll
down to see Search Tips for this website.



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    Searches are not case sensitive, so capital letters will be
treated as if in lower case. Boolean search operators and
wildcard characters may also be employed, but some may
need to be capitalised, and not all are supported
by every search engine.

These include:
* (asterisk)
- (minus)
+ (plus)
? (question mark)
~ (tilde)


  • If you wish to search for
    the word "lighting":

  • If you want to search for
    "lighting design" as a phrase:
    "lighting design"

  • If you wish to locate any instance
    of either "lighting" or "design":
    lighting OR design
  • If you want pages containing
    both "lighting" and "design"
    together or as separate terms:
    lighting design

  • If you wish to look for pages
    with the word "lighting" but want
    to exclude the word "design":
    lighting -design

    Links will then be presented for only the RB webpages
containing the term(s) you entered. Once you go to any RB
page, use your browser's Intra-Page Search Function to further
narrow the field so as to be able to locate what you desire.

    For more search methods information,
have a look at these links:
(An https-compatible browser is required.)
Google Search Basics
DuckDuckGo Search Operators


Reason for the dual search boxes?
Please read the opening paragraphs and
the Changes section for an explanation.

Search the RB Website via DuckDuckGo
Works with All Mainstream Browsers
Shows More RB Results

  Use this Convenient Facility
to Easily Locate RB Subjects

Search the RB Website via Google
Works with Mainstream and Other Browsers
Shows Fewer RB Results

  Enter Words or Phrases
to Locate Some RB Subjects


  Intra-Page Search

    Upon arriving on a given link's page, use your browser's built-
in Search Function to quickly jump to where you want within that
page. This is a recommended method because it eliminates the
always dreaded `scroll & scan' procedure needed to locate
the text you desire that is somewhere in the current document.

    Depending on the browser, its own Search Function is
typically invoked by pressing one of the following. (Be
Cautious: Keys other than those your browser uses to
find text will produce non-search results.)

    A box or field appears and you may enter the word or
terms for which you wish to search. If none of these key
commands work, consult your browser's "Help" guide.


    RB Website
  Layout Structure

    If you wish an overview of the
RB website layout, you may select:

  1. A Site-Wide Links Index lists all the first and second
    level pages. It is alphabetised and clickable.

  2. Graphic Map - 1024 Pixels For Larger Monitors
  3. Graphic Map -  640 Pixels For Mobile Devices
  4. Text Map For Text and Handicapped Users

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