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Presented below are methods that
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at the Doctor DOS Website.


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    A `Search' window exclusive to the DDB website will be presented
after the examples. Enter search terms of one or more words, or
of phrases. If using a phrase, place it within double quotes. If only
individual terms are used, leave them unquoted. Searches are not
case sensitive, so capital letters will be treated as lower case.
Boolean operators and wildcard characters may also be used.


  • If you wish to search
    for the word "codes":

  • If you wish to search for
    "exit codes" as a phrase:
    "exit codes"

  • If you wish to locate pages
    with both "exit" and "codes",
    together or as separate terms:
    +exit +codes
  • If you want any instance
    of either "exit" or "codes":
    exit OR codes

  • To find pages with
    "exit" but not "codes":
    exit -codes

  • To find DOS codes,
    exit and other:
    dos *codes

    Links will then be presented for only the DDB webpages
containing the term(s) you entered. Once you go to any DDB
page, use your browser's Intra-Page Search function,
to further narrow the field to locate what you desire.

    For more detail on Search methods, read Search Basics,
and see here for additional Search Capabilities.

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  Intra-Page Search

    Upon arriving on a given link's page, use your browser's built-
in "Search" function to quickly jump to where you want within that
page. This is a recommended method because it eliminates the
always dreaded `scroll & scan' procedure needed to locate
the text you desire that is somewhere in the current document.

Depending on the browser, its own Search function is
typically invoked by pressing one of the following.
(Be Cautious: Keys other than the one used by your
browser to search, will produce non-search results.)

    A box or field appears and you may enter the word or
terms for which you wish to search. If none of these key
commands work, consult your browser's "Help" guide.


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    To see an overview of the Doctor
DOS website layout, you may select:

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