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With salutations to Keith Somers PhD

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

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Dr. Keith Somers BSc(Hons-Biology), Waterloo; MSc(Zoology), Toronto; PhD(Zoology), Univ. Western Ontario.
Title: Biostatistician (OMOE); Conjunct. (Trent Univ.); Adjunct Assoc. (Univ. Toronto).
Address: Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Dorset Environmental Science Centre, Bellwood Acres Road, PO Box 39, Dorset, ON, Canada P0A 1E0
Phone: (705) 766-2418; FAX 766-2254.

Recent publications:
Research interests:
Community organization and species interactions along environmental gradients; Statistical tools for ecology: multivariate methods and randomization tests; Issues of scale: spatial, temporal, taxonomic and numerical; Temporal coherence and long term stability of populations; Spatial analysis and geographic information systems; Population dynamics (i.e., abundance, growth and fecundity) of crayfish and fish; Limnology and island biogeography (isolation) of Canadian Shield lakes; Morphometrics: size and shape, geographic variation.

[Img-Dr. Keith Somers at Paint Lake, Ontario, June 1997]

Keith Somers evaluating nearshore habitat at Paint Lake, Ontario, June 1997.

Dr. Keith Somers is an aquatic ecologist, biostatistician with the Dorset Environmental Science Centre of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Keith has been working with colleagues to develop simple but credible sampling protocols for the rapid bioassessment of lakes and streams. The secret to the success of these protocols is due to a focus on non-scientific volunteers. The protocols only require order level taxonomic identifications for samples of 100 invertebrates, which makes them particularly useful for lake and stream stakeholders! Recent efforts have addressed the question of establishing benchmarks for normal or background conditions. These benchmarks are then used to evaluate the biological health of test lakes and streams. Keith has co-authored over 25 scientific papers in a variety of freshwater journals.

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