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I've decided to start writing a Blog. I figure I need to keep my shooting mind alive and it would be worthwhile to do something more regularly than I have been updating CANFIRE around here. I'll also use the Blog to keep folks updated on what's happening here on the CANFIRE page and to tag my favourite Canadian firearm links. Go check it out over at


If you are a shooter here in Canada you need to check out the following four links (if you have not already done so):

Canadian Gun Nutz is Canada's best online forum for shooters, hunters, preppers, reloaders, etc. Great Equipment Exchange area, sponsors and information.

Canadian Reload Radio Podcast . Definitly a must listen podcast for Canadian shooters. They discuss politics, hunting, target shooting, liberty and pretty much everything that affects Canadian shooters.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) and the National Firearms Association (NFA) are the two biggest national Canadian Firearm Rights organizations. Check them both out and join them both if you can. Membership in each (if I'm not mistaken) comes with personal legal firearm use liability insurance.

Here is my attempt to map all the ranges I can find here in Atlantic Canada in Google Maps. It is not complete because some club/range web sites are not good at all at describing where they are on the map.


View Where To Shoot In The Atlantic Provinces (NS, NB, PEI & NL) in a larger map

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I have finished my book: Where To Shoot In Nova Scotia. It has been completed with the assistance of the Shooting Federation of Nova Scotia and I am beginning to market and sell copies. I am also beginning on an update as well (no target date yet).

Cost is $15.00 Plus $2.00 shipping and handling (no HST). Keep an eye open here for more info or contact me at boudreau@chebucto.ca for more information.

If you have a firearms related business, drop me a line at boudreau@chebucto.ca if you are interested in buying banner ad space. All proceeds go to the club.

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